About CGS

Educating Girls: The History and Evolution of CGS

The Calgary Girls’ School concept sprang into reality 10 years ago. Since then, CGS has grown rapidly from 180 students to 600 girls on two campuses, following a ‘one school’ community philosophy. With its intent to create an engaging and meaningful educational experience for girls and young women, CGS helps girls develop leadership and problem-solving skills, and a strong voice for issues that are important personally, in their community and in the world at large.


A Unique Environment for Girls

Foundations of the work at CGS include understanding and applying research about girls and their learning, exploring the historical impacts of societal change and innovation on women and girls, and understanding current portrayals of girls and women in society (including media representation of girls and women) and the impact of these portrayals.
CGS continues to be a place for girls to find their voice, learn to navigate social issues, develop greater aspirations for themselves and society, and celebrate the role of women from past to present.


Inquiry at the Core of CGS

Remaining true to research-driven best practices in education, the inquiry approach informs learning and teaching at CGS. Recognizing that girls learn best collaboratively, we promote an environment of teachers and girls working together on teams, with subject area expertise represented on each team. This collaborative approach is also evident in decision-making with staff and with the community.

Compassion • Integrity • Collaboration • Courage • Curiosity • Democracy • Diversity