Calgary Girls’ School
Grade 4-9 Uniform Policy

Our school uniform reflects our pride in our school and respect for each other. Girls are required to be in full uniform at all times. During the day, girls may hang their blazers or cardigans on the back of their chairs when it is felt that it will inhibit learning activities. All uniforms should be clean and well maintained.

Formal Uniform will be worn for the first day of school, school photos, special occasions, for guest visitors and when the girls are representing our school on field trips unless otherwise specified by the teacher. The formal uniform consists of blazer, kilt, white oxford shirt tucked in, tie, black knee socks or black tights. Please note that the vest or sweater is not worn with the formal uniform. Hair is to be neat at all times. Hair attire should be conservative and coordinate with the uniform. Jewellery and body piercing should be neat and respectful of the uniform. Hijabs must be plain in colour and complement the uniform. Girls are to wear modesty shorts under their kilts and garments worn under their blouses or shirts are to be white or off white.Dress shoes are black and able to be polished or patent, with a low heal appropriate and suitable for the school uniform.Winter uniform consists of combinations of blazer, cardigan, vest, oxford shirt tucked in with tie, kilt, pleated skort, black uniform pants,  black tights or knee socks.

Summer uniform consists of summer dress with white knee socks, blazer, cardigan, vest, oxford shirt tucked in with tie, kilt, black uniform pants, pleated skort,  black skort with polo shirt or poplin blouse, black tights or knee socks. Summer uniform is acceptable in the fall until Thanksgiving weekend and after spring break.

The athletic uniform consists of gym shirt, dazzle shorts, zip-up hoodie and jogging pants, white socks and appropriate athletic shoes. Girls are expected to be in gym uniform for every class.
The girls may also wear the full zip jersey knit sweater and the polar fleece jacket as outerwear to and from school. These are not worn in school as part of the uniform.

Uniform Supplier

Uniform Changes

We are pleased to announce some changes to the uniform at Calgary Girls’ School which will be implemented for the 2017-2018 academic year CGS – Notice to Parents – Uniform Changes

New Uniforms:

Annual Fitting dates for 2018 are 2:30 to 8:00 pm, May 28 & 29, 2019 at the Lakeview campus.  More information to come!


Examples of acceptable indoor shoes Browns Shoes Flyer

Top Marks is pleased to be the uniform Supplier for the Calgary Girls’ School. For questions or to purchase uniforms please refer to the contact info below.

Calgary Rep: Irene Patton irene@topmarks.ca or (403) 605-4636
Top Marks website: www.topmarks.ca (School Code: CAL01)
Top Marks Toll Free: 1-800-667-7105

Top Marks Fall Fitting Dates 2018-2019

Top Marks will be available for uniform fittings and exchanges at the Lakeview campus on the following dates from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm:

  • Tuesday, October 23rd
  • Tuesday, November 6th
  • Tuesday, November 20th
  • Tuesday, December 4th
  • Tuesday, January 15th
  • Tuesday, February 12th
  • Tuesday, March 12th


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