• In grade 8 students enrolled in the foodie complementary course will learn safe and sanitary food handling procedures, equipment care, comprehension of recipes and the importance of efficient work habits. They will develop an understanding of planning, preparation and evaluation of balanced healthy meals as well as learn about leader nutrients, what foods they are found in, how such foods affect performance and future health as they participate in healthy food preparation.


  • Grade 9 Leadership is a course intended to develop grade 9 girls into effective leaders. The course is based around Kouzes and Posner’s leadership theory. Activities and assessments are designed around the authors’ five practices for becoming an exemplary leader and allow girls to grow their leadership and life skills.

Computer Animation and Graphics

  • Using 3d modelling, imaging and animation programs students will create animated film and model 3d objects for 3d printing.

Creative Collective

  • Together, we will experiment with creativity through arts and crafts, improvisation and games, drama, writing, and music. We will establish a safe place that invites you to be yourself, to reflect and to experiment. The perfect class if you are wanting to strengthen your own voice and develop a greater sense of self. This is a student-directed course and we will develop the curriculum together as a group. This course is ideal for students looking for an option that encourages you to explore who you are and have a great time doing it.

Eco Tracks

  • Through participation in environmental service-learning via authentic environmental initiatives and outdoor education activities, students will develop and deepen their ecological literacy and sense of agency surrounding environmental issues.
    In working directly with the school and local communities students will initiate practices that reduce our ecological footprint on a local, municipal and global level. Aside from being hands on and engaging, service learning enhances valuable academic skills, including communication, team-building, and critical thinking. Service learning also builds self-esteem; and develops a sense of responsibility for decision-making.

Exploring Entrepreneurship

  • Through entrepreneurship education, students will learn the components of taking an original idea and applying a business model. Girls have the unique opportunity to create and run their own business. Working in small groups of four to five, students write business plans, request start-up capital from investors, receive funding for their companies, make product samples, manufacture inventory, and sell their products to real-world customers.

Film Studies 8

  • Film Studies “The Film Maker” is a half year course that focuses on how movies are made. From screen writing to casting; from storyboarding to directing and editing: Students will investigate all elements that contribute to making a movie and work together in teams to create a variety of short films and media-based projects.

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript

  • Learning HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is about understanding how digital technologies work. It focuses upon the learning about the code systems/programming languages that run websites and run small applications on phones and computers.

Innovators and Inventors

  • The Innovators and Inventors option is a science option that focuses on creative thinking and problem solving. Learners will be presented with a variety of scientific challenges in the form of questions or problems, which require them to think creatively and develop unique solutions. Working from the problem or question and within the confines of the proposed task, learners must “think outside the box” to understand and develop solutions. Scientific challenges will be based around
    a variety of different scientific disciplines. Learners will work collaboratively as they develop designs and make necessary changes to their design to achieve their intended purpose. This option will involve learners inactive exploration into scientific concepts, design and experimentation.


  • Students will be given opportunity to analyze a variety of forms of journalistic communication and synthesize an understanding of why communication styles have changed over time. Focus will be placed on all elements of the writing process, allowing for individual goal setting and growth over the course of the term.

Media 7 Rationale

  • Media 7 is an exploration of how digital “stuff” works, how to work it, what it does and what it can do! It is meant to empower the student to create and innovate using technology through assisting in developing the student’s technological literacy.

Outdoor Ed

  • Students will explore the soft and hard skills involved in surviving the outdoors. Experiential learning methods
    in the classroom and outdoors will ensure the students become more aware of themselves, the world we live in and those whom which we live.

Shifting Geek Culture

  • With geek culture becoming mainstream, more young women are being influenced by the depiction of girls and women in these current forms of media. Creators of this content are aware of this shift and are creating characters young women can identify with and rally behind. Students will use current forms of media (film, novels, graphic novels, comics, anime, manga) to investigate women’s roles in geek culture and design their own positive role model. Topics of study will include, but are not limited to, Women of Influence Character Studies, Character Design, Story Design, and Critical Thinking.

Sports Performance

  • Sports Performance provides grade 9 students an opportunity to further develop their physical abilities and understanding of personal health, wellness and performance. Areas of focus will include: personal training, outdoor recreation, physical and mental wellness, Sports Psychology, goal setting and leadership fundamentals.

String Theory 9

  • String Theory is an opportunity for students to develop or improve a practical skill while applying mathematical understanding and gain an awareness of citizenship through contributing to community. Students will be empowered to create and give away thoughtful, creative and often useful items through knitting and crocheting.
Compassion • Integrity • Collaboration • Courage • Curiosity • Democracy • Diversity