Our well-known drama program will enable your child to develop and showcase their dramatic skills in collaboration with other artistically-minded students. Students will learn through playmaking, performance and critical reflection and regularly develop, rehearse, produce and perform drama works for a range of audiences and purposes.

Students will develop skills in improvisation, play building, script writing, stage management and production management and design. Students will also develop and hone their public speaking skills and learn how to write, edit and deliver effective speeches for a variety of audiences.

CGS students will broaden their knowledge and appreciation of drama as an art form and profession. They will have an opportunity to work closely with a wide range of professional artists.

School Production

Each year, Lakeview Campus invites all students to participate in our drama production. We alternate between producing student generated work one year and a large scale production the next year. Participating students have the opportunity to work with students from other grades and build meaningful and lasting connections with each other.

There is a place for everyone – whether your child loves to sing, dance and act, or if they prefer to work behind-the-scenes as stage managers, designers or painters, our drama productions offer a multitude of rich and engaging experiences for any creative-minded student.

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