The CGS French as a Second Language Program focuses on learner-centered teaching and cross-curricular integration. This means that we try to make our French experiences as authentic as possible. Since language is embedded in culture, students will also acquire cultural knowledge about various Francophone peoples in order to gain a better understanding of these cultures and their own.

In grades 4 and 5 students learn French by interacting exclusively in the language while they sing songs, play games, and read and write.  Each year culminates with the performance of a French play.

In grades 6 through 9 students use their life experiences, knowledge, skills and attitudes as a basis for developing their second language communicative abilities for real-life purposes; that is, students comprehend oral and written French, and they express and negotiate meaning, orally and in written form, in French.

Compassion • Integrity • Collaboration • Courage • Curiosity • Democracy • Diversity