Go Girls


What is Go Girls?

The Calgary Girls’ School offers a unique Go Girls Locally Developed Course. Please see detailed information below:

Our current Go Girls program was developed by CGS teachers in 2008. This curriculum is unique to our school and is interwoven into our everyday teaching and learning. There are six essential program foundations, which are explored through multiple lenses in each grade. 

These program foundations include: 

  • Engaging in critical thinking
  • Taking up multiple perspectives
  • Exploring controversial issues
  • Engaging in activism
  • Creating a personal belief inventory
  • Cultivating a sense of hope and resiliency

If you would like to see a detailed breakdown of the Go Girls curriculum and how it is implemented for each grade, click here.

Student work 

Grade 4

Learners in 4A have been investigating assumptions and the effect that making assumptions has on oneself and the community. They worked in pairs to brainstorm all the assumptions that could be made about a particular situation. These included assumptions that could be made about things that happen in the classroom, in peer relationships and on the playground. They came to understand that making assumptions negatively influences the community because people draw conclusions without all of the facts. This results in hurt feelings, feelings of distrust and gossip. As a class, we developed strategies for what to do when you think you may make an assumption.

When we are about to assume:

  • Leave it for a moment. PAUSE.
  • Think about it! What are the facts?
  • Ask yourself: Does this feel right?
  • Think: Could this have been an accident or a misunderstanding?
  • Think about the good possibilities first.
  • Communicate! Ask questions and seek to understand what is really happening.
  • Check in with your teacher if you think you need help.

Grade 8

photo 1

In grade 8, we have been analyzing beauty norms in our study of self-image. Students were asked to describe their own standard of beauty by creating a multimedia representation. Many girls created pieces of art while others created an iMovie or slideshow. We have explored the following as part of this inquiry:

  • critically analyzing and deconstructing a variety of media and cultural messages
  • critically analyzing norms and values associated with the cultural construction of beauty, along with understanding the limitations this creates for women and girls
  • demonstrating an understanding of the value of positive body image

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Compassion • Integrity • Collaboration • Courage • Curiosity • Democracy • Diversity