Social Studies

In Social Studies, we explore how people relate and connect to each other in our own community and around the world.  Through inquiry, we try to empathize with a particular group of people to really understand what life might have been like for them.  We explore various factors that may have influenced historical perspective and continue to influence current events.  Some of these factors include culture, gender, religion, environment and ideology.  By understanding the past, students develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to create positive change in society.

Language Arts

In Language Arts, we use language to think, communicate and learn.  We experiment with multiple forms, meanings and uses of language through speaking, writing, listening and reading.  Since language is a continuous journey of learning, we draw on past knowledge, as well as explore new language structures.  Through inquiry projects in any subject, Language Arts is often explored and assessed through the medium of the presentation.  It is our intent that students become competent and confident language users in a variety of situations as contributing members of society.

Compassion • Integrity • Collaboration • Courage • Curiosity • Democracy • Diversity