Elementary Music

Music education plays an integral role in the lives of girls at CGS. In grades four through six, all students take music classes where the development of the child’s musical voice is nurtured through a Kodaly-based approach. This philosophy in music education places an emphasis on the following experiences:

  • Only the best music will serve a child to develop their musicianship.
  • Music literacy is at the heart of learning.
  • Students will develop the skill of in-tune singing.
  • Students will experience music of many cultures, languages, and traditions.


The Calgary Girls’ School choral program is an extension of the music program where students are able to put into performance many of the skills and ideas learned in the general music classroom. Much time and effort is spent in choir to teach students about different aspects of vocal technique such as breathing and resonance. Like the general music classes, students explore a wide variety of music from many cultures, traditions and languages as a way to understand and explore the world around them.

There are three choirs at the Calgary Girls’ School. In grades four and five, all students participate twice a week in choral rehearsals as a part of the experience at CGS. Students in grades six through nine may choose to audition for the Concert Choir, which rehearses after school once a week.

The choirs of CGS have received numerous awards and recognition at local, provincial and national music festivals.


The Calgary Girls’ School band program is offered as a complementary course for students in grades seven through nine. Students who enroll in the program will be given the opportunity to learn how to play a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument. There are three separate concert bands to cater to a student’s ability. Students who go through the program for three years find much success transitioning into high school music programs all across the city.

As a part of their experience in the band program, students will have these additional opportunities:

  • Performances at school events and music festivals.
  • Work with professional instrumentalist and conductors from the Calgary community.
  • Continue to develop and improve their music literacy.
  • Opportunities to travel. In the past, our bands have travelled to perform at music festivals in Edmonton, Red Deer, Toronto, and Ottawa.

The bands at CGS have received awards and recognition at the local, provincial, and national level.

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