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If you are leaving Canada at any time during the school year or summer break, and wish to take the CGS-owned iPad or MacBook Air assigned to your daughter, you must obtain written permission from the Principal. Please send your requests to Mr. Oliver Fisher at More information can be found in Administrative Procedure 507 Section F.

Important Information Regarding Technology Changes at CGS. Click here for details!

Suggestions, Considerations and Specifications:

Technology devices must be able to connect to the internet using our wireless network. The technology
learning tools are web based. Otherwise, be sure the device supports the child’s learning use.
• iPad Air running iOS 10 or later
• Mac laptop running macOS 10.12 or later
• PC laptop running Windows 8.1 or later
• ChromeBook released in 2016 or later
• iOS or Android devices no more than 3-4 years old
• All BYODs must have an active antivirus subscription

Apple Education Documentation

Parent Guide to Privacy

Student Data Privacy

Important Documentation:

Online Field Trip Tool Procedures

Online Field Trip Tool Procedures



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