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CGS Update – June 25-29, 2018

Hello everyone:

The final week’s update is coming out on Friday this week due to a few major events you should know about in advance.

Key information you can’t miss:

Tuesday, all girls will be at Lakeview for Spirit Day and Rhythmic Wishes. Bel Aire girls will be here so will need to be picked up from Lakeview rather than Bel Aire if you normally pick up your daughter. Buses will take her home if she normally rides the bus. More info below.

Wednesday is a half day for both schools with buses leaving for home at noon. More info below.

CGS Registration

Registration is open for next year. Please visit your Family Zone to register. If you have not yet registered, please go into your Family Account in Family Zone to complete your registration as soon as possible.


Please note that buses will drop off all students in Grades 4 and 5 at the Lakeview Campus on Tuesday, June 26th. Girls who normally get driven will need to be dropped off at the Lakeview campus. They will be participating in Sports Day in the morning and Rhythmic Wishes in the afternoon. Students will also be dismissed at the end of the day from the Lakeview campus. Girls who normally get picked up at Bel Aire will need to be picked up at the Lakeview campus.


Bel Aire will dismiss at 11:45 am with transfer buses taking bused students to Lakeview as normal. Lakeview will dismiss at 12:00. Buses will leave Lakeview at 12:15. Please expect your child to be home earlier that day.


Grads can ride a special transfer bus at 8:45 from Lakeview to Bel Aire on this day but will need to be transported home after the ceremonies and fun afternoon.


You will have received a letter in regard to technology changes. Another copy can be found at:

Technology Work

Grade 9 computers will be reimaged June 25 to allow them use of their computers during the PAT tests.

Ms. Valda Harris

We are excited to invite you to attend a celebration in honour of Valda Harris and her profound and lasting impacts on our learning community at CGS. This event will take place Monday, June 25th in the Learning Commons at the Lakeview Campus. Please feel free to stop in any time between 3:00-4:30pm for light snacks and to connect and share memories with Ms. Harris.


If your daughter will be away please either call the office or email to notify us.

School Council

Grade 9 parents! Considering donating your uniform pieces after graduation? School Council will have a donation bin set up after the ceremony to collect any unwanted pieces.

As a public service announcement, please keep an eye out for bicyclists and motorcyclists while driving. It’s that time of year again when we all share the roads.

Thank you all for a wonderful year.

Congratulations to all our graduates. We wish you the very best for the next stage of your education.

Have a great final week and a most excellent summer!



Wes Malo, Principal









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