Zoey Graf, CGCS Teacher

Interview Series

What is the name of the book/podcast/video you are into right now?

 “  Being the Change: Lessons and Strategies to Teach Social Comprehension” by Sara K Ahmed.

What is it about this material that inspires/challenges/enriches you?

From the back summary: “Topics such as race, gender, politics, religion and sexuality are part of our students’ lives, yet when these subjects are brought up at school, teachers often struggle with how to respond. How do we create the learning conditions where kids can ask the questions they want to ask, muddle through how to say the things they are thinking, and have tough conversations.”

I am interested in how each child can feel affirmed by their daily experiences in school and how explorations of identity can live across disciplines and form the foundation upon which we create safer spaces to deeply explore curriculum. Nina Simone spoke about art being a reflection of the times in which we live, and I encourage students to use their art to make meaning and to explore how their own creative endeavours can be playful, personally meaningful, relevant and beautiful.


What was your favourite or most impactful book as a child? Why was that?

 The Tale of Despereaux” By Kate DiCamillo and “  The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle” by Avi, were read aloud in grade 5 by an incredible educator who created a magical classroom of characters, stories, voices, mystery and words. The Tale of Despereaux was my favourite book to read aloud when teaching at Bel Aire.





What do you plan to read/view/listen to next?

I am working through a series called Becoming Antiracist specifically for white educators, facilitated by the “  Equity Literacy Institute” .